Overall Field Hockey Chair: Tonja Magerman, twmagerman@gmail.com

Pan American Maccabi Games

Juniors Girls’ Field Hockey Head Coach: Samantha Berk, smberk13@gmail.com
Juniors Girls’ Field Hockey Assistant Coach: Hilary Berk-Wescount, hilberk0302@gmail.com

  • Juniors (birth years 2003-2004) female only

Field Hockey Rules and Regulations JMP 2019
Field Hockey Schedule

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European Maccabi Games

We are no longer accepting applications for Open Women’s Field Hockey for the European Maccabi Games.

Open Women’s Field Hockey Head Coach: Meredith Shifman, meredithshifman@gmail.com
Open Women’s Field Hockey Assistant Coach: Hannah Dave, hedave0624@yahoo.com 

  • Open (18-35+) female only

Field Hockey Rules and Regulations

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