Julie Tucker

In 2013 Julie Tucker was forwarded an email by her boss from a local doctor of, “seeking Jewish athletic trainers” to volunteer at the 19th World Maccabiah Games in Israel. After doing some research on Maccabi USA, Julie decided that this opportunity would allow her to gain international experience and “work with a variety of doctors and other athletic trainers throughout the country.” With this in mind, and a personal desire to take her first trip to Israel, Julie applied to join the medical te

The Israel Connection

As  I enter my second year as the Israeli emissary (Shaliach) at Maccabi USA, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the interesting stories and life changing experiences that are made possible by being part of the Maccabi family. In preparation for the 2019 Regional Games, I chose to interview Jake Rauchbach who will be leading the Open Men’s Basketball Team for the 15th European Maccabi Games this summer in Budapest, Hungary. Previously, he served as the Assistant Coach fo

Maccabi USA Family: Updates

We are pleased to present our new Maccabi USA Family newsletter. This electronic newsletter is not only a way for us to share updates of the Maccabi USA family with you but also to learn of new accomplishments and accolades. From birth announcements, to new careers, to athlete spotlights and national merits…just to name a few! We value your staying connected to us and hope this newsletter is just another reason to keep in touch! Scroll through to learn more and submit future simchas to Dakota Ma