Team Medals

Download file –¬†20th World Maccabiah Games – Team Medals

Last Name First Name Results Medal
Kaufman Daniel Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Abramovitz Mark Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Beilenson Charles Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Biben August Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Fischer Robert Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Fishman Eli Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Fishman Zach Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Gelfand Justin Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Goosenberg Shawn Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Green Michael Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Holtz Brett Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Hyder Jarrett Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Jakobs Nathaniel Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Newman Matthew Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Sinins Benjamin Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Small Jacob Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Stulman Samuel Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Tracey Maxwell Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Wallach Charlie Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Holtz Eric Juniors Baseball-Boys’ Gold
Kalin Jonathan Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Albert Braelee Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Berman Lior Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Blauner Zeke Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Krivitzkin Tyler Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Leff Benjamin Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Liner Matthew Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Polson Brett Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Retzlaff Ryan Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Rosenthal Isaac Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Spencer Anthony Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Stern Jack Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Wolf David Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Schiff Brian Juniors Basketball-Boys’ Gold
Feldman Matthew Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Behar Jamie Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Bridge Crystal Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Cweiber Sophie Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Isenberg Ashley Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Kaiser Rachel Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Kreider Julia Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Millan Rachael Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Schumer Ema Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Silk Eliana Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Stern Charlotte Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Trachtenberg Sophie Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Wayne Tessa Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Silberman Rebecca Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Orbach Adira Juniors Basketball-Girls’ Silver
Weinstein Dalton Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Abene Jacob Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Buium Ben Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Cohen Elias Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Fried Hayden Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Gayzler Eric Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Gold Noah Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Gorelkin Ethan Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Kahn Isaiah Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Kellner Aaron Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Lakatos Jacob Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Lefton Jacob Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Lerman Ari Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Mandel Simon Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Mehl Jacob Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Perlmutter Jaxon Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Petak Noah Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Reuben Daniel Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Richterman Zachary Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Rovitz Alec Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Schapira Jacob Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Schwetz Aydin Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Tartakovsky Benjamin Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Sandos Jonathan Juniors Ice Hockey Gold
Chadwin Sherrea Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Autumn Kaisa Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Balsam Jori Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Cowen Eliana Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Kesslin Drew Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Korman Olivia Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Korpi Brynn Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Lerner Ariella Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Mogul Natalie Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Resnick Anna Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Rosenfeld Claire Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Trakman Talia Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Weinsten Alexandra Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Weinsten Nicole Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
White Rachel Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Hoepfl Jessica Juniors Lacrosse-Girls’ Gold
Parks David Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Aisiks Aidan Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Baredes Sebastian Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Bitton Ori Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Friederwitzer Josh Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Green Jack Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Handen David Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Katz Maxwell Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Kempton Owen Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Kugler David Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Maor Roee Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Meli Jackson Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Mizrahi David Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Mogul Max Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Moskowitz Dor Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Rodgers Brent Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Ross Matthew Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Sichel Evan Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Smithline Jeremy Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Stulman Philip Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Zalesne Aaron Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Goldberg Jesse Juniors Soccer-Boys’ Gold
Schneider Arielle Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Bloch Sydney Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Borovinsky Jenna Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Brocato Alexandra Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Cimring Gia Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Eisenhart Jaelyn Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Ellinport Beth Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Foy Jenna Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Groff Karenna Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Hasson Nicolena Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Jaffe Naomi Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Kale Charley Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Mandell Hannah Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Parks Emma Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Radow Leah Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Rubinstein Brooke Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Rubinstein Paige Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Schachter Allison Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Sherman Morgan Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Shkurovich Denise Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Stern Isabel Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Klebanow Marcie Juniors Soccer-Girls’ Gold
Albertsen Kylie Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Alpert Mackenzie Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Blitz Reva Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Donohue Emily Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Edelstein Gayle Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Leitko Ellie Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Lennon Davi Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Meltzer Gabrielle Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Richman Brooke Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Rudolph Victoria Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Salasky Anna Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Shor Ezri Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Reuben Joseph Juniors Volleyball-Girls’ Gold
Asa Henry Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Cohen Matthew Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
David Noah Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Feinberg Yoel Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Hirner Dylan Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Klein-Cloud Isaiah Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Marovic Mason Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Shani Neta Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Sharir Amit Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Spiritos Maxwell Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Voloshin Amir Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Zohman Aviv Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Schiesel Michael Juniors Water Polo-Boys’ Bronze
Adamczak Conrad Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Carl Adam Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Charash Gil Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Hakman Sharone Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Kahane Josh Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Leavitt Joseph Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Ostroff David Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Roberts David Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Rubenstein Michael Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Sanders Antwuan Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Small Mark Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Vitelli Paul Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Wiener Ed Masters Basketball-Men’s Bronze
Abel Eric Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Alterman Scott Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Aspes Jason Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Cohen-Mintz David Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Foonberg Michael Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Kieserman James Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Moscatel Albert Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Nekritz Michael Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Rothstein David Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Tyrrell Todd Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Webner David Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Wexler Joshua Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Schayes Todd Masters Basketball-Men’s 45 Silver
Bluman Joshua Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Busch Gregory Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Cohen Steven Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Freid Jeremy Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Izenstark Craig Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Kohn Steven Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Kurland Jason Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Lerman Daniel Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Lerman Marc Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Lerman William Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Lewis Todd Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Master Robert Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Rosenfeld David Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Sharfstein Douglas Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Solomon Robin Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Vickar Aaron Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Zimberoff Willie Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Jaffe William Masters Ice Hockey Bronze
Frank Billy Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Cohen Fred Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Cosgrove Daniel Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Davis Glen Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Goldberg Terry Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Goldman Michael Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Rubin Paul Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Shamberg Gregg Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Silfen Lawrence Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Snow Russ Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Spear Jeremy Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Weisbrot Jeffrey Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Kahan Anthony Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Berman Mark Masters Softball-Men’s Gold
Rauchbach Jacob Open Basketball-Men’s ¬†Gold
Chasin Marc Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Cohen Jordan Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Fallas Joseph Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Feinberg Robert Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Greenberg Grant Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Janel Daniel Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Kobre Alec Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Lieberman Jeremy Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
McDonnell James Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Schneider Joseph Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Singer Sam Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Warech Travis Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Weisz Spencer Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Gottlieb Doug Open Basketball-Men’s Gold
Cosgrove Jennifer Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Berger Tara Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Chernow Allison Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Edelman Drew Open Basketball-Women’s Gold- Finals MVP
Fecske Paige Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Fox Hannah Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Isenberg Hayley Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Matusow Leah Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Purvis Leah Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Rothfeld Lauren Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Shtikel Maria Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Silfen Allison Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Surloff Emily Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Levin Sherry Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Levin Samantha Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Zimmerman Marcia Open Basketball-Women’s Gold
Artz Annie Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Devlin Kayla Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Esbitt Alexis Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Gorski Rose Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Gulotta Rachel Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Harris Olivia Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Kramer Chelsea Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Lewis Celia Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Perlmutter Catherine Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Rosenblum Renee Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Rubenstein Briana Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Scheyer Camille Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Shifman Meredith Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Stone Taylor Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Weill Sarah Jane Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Yonah Yael Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Altersitz Danielle Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Richardson Donna Open Field Hockey-Women’s Silver
Fratkin Casey Open Ice Hockey Silver
Beck Joshua Open Ice Hockey Silver
Bernard-Boymel Sammy Open Ice Hockey Silver
Blitz Max Open Ice Hockey Silver
Cohen Ethan Open Ice Hockey Silver
Dickman Joshua Open Ice Hockey Silver
Feldman Zachary Open Ice Hockey Silver
Goldberg Chad Open Ice Hockey Silver
Horwitz Carter Open Ice Hockey Silver
Israel Eric Open Ice Hockey Silver
Jacobson David Open Ice Hockey Silver
Kalter Max Open Ice Hockey Silver
Lazarus Jonathan Open Ice Hockey Silver
Lerman Max Open Ice Hockey Silver
Levine Tyler Open Ice Hockey Silver
Mendelson Matthew Open Ice Hockey Silver
Pulley Benjamin Open Ice Hockey Silver
Rivera Jacob Open Ice Hockey Silver
Rivera Luke Open Ice Hockey Silver
Rivera Nick Open Ice Hockey Silver
Schechter Jacob Open Ice Hockey Silver
Sharf Benjamin Open Ice Hockey Silver
Shecter Joseph Open Ice Hockey Silver- US Player of the Game
Gardner Greg Open Ice Hockey Silver
Berger Jason Open Ice Hockey Silver
Pulley Philip Open Ice Hockey Silver
Test Zachary Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Seidel Barry Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Appel Alex Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Blatt Aaron Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Braun Jack Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Braun Jared Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Cohen Seth Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Cox Shawn Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Doyle Chance Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Goldsmith Howard Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Harrison Sam Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Hirschman Benjamin Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Ibanez Devin Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Katz Isaac Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Korn Michael Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Krassenstein Joseph Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Mohr Tanner Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Patick Derek Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Pearl Devin Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Pedersen Mason Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Rabb Samuel Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Rotstein Benjamin Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Rudzinsky Michael Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Sarna Matthew Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Sarver Spencer Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Schor Haskin Chase Open Rugby-Men’s Gold- Finals MVP
Strom Zachary Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Swiryn Kevin Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Sylk Tristan Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Wilson Roman Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Lipman Shawn Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Hiller Zachary Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Rudzinsky David Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Skvorc Casey Open Rugby-Men’s Gold
Goldstein David Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Eisen Oliver Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Cohen William Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Dolezal Jonathan Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Dotzman Lance Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Elias Stephen Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Franco Aaron Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Friedman Samuel Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Haberman Joshua Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Issroff Benjamin Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Jones Ryan Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Kohen Daniel Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Konowiecki Kovi Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Kurtzman Max Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Lichtenberg Elijah Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Nadaner Evin Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Raben Samuel Open Soccer-Men’s Gold-Golden Boot Winner
Rozhansky Jake Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Rubenstein Daniel Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Walsdorf Brett Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Weiss Alec Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Goldfarb Preston Open Soccer-Men’s Gold
Chase Catie Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Bauer Chayse Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Bell Samantha Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Drizin Sienna Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Duner Emily Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Elowitch Alexis Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Friedman Natasha Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Greenberg Gabrielle Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Grunstein Ally Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Kaufman Danielle Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Kupritz Ariel Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Messinger Sara Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Pierre Pamela Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Ritchie Jessica Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Rosenfeld Gabrielle Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Sharkey Rachel Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Shreck Jessica Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Silverman Olivia Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Telson Sydnie Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Weiss Monica Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Zelikowitz Libby Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Whitman Wendi Open Soccer-Women’s Silver
Horn John Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Brim Mitch Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Gluckman Jason Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Hart Tyler Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Held Matthew Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Horn Sam Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Meizlish Jeremy Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Owens Aaron Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Rockman Joe Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Schoen Jason Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Schoen Josh Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Schwartz Joseph Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Weiner Martin Open Softball-Men’s Silver
Bliss Emily Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Angus Maren Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Barker Rachel Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Blitz Rebecca Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Coleman Cori Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Gelman Brittany Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Goldsher Jenny Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Goldstein Ellen Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Haynes Kennedy Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Horowitz Summer Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Klausner Claire Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Paris Rachel Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Statman Tamara Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Yakir Noa Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Arias Nicole Open Softball-Women’s Gold
Berger Alison Open Volleyball-Women’s Bronze
Edelstein Allison Open Volleyball-Women’s Bronze
Gore Gillian Open Volleyball-Women’s Bronze
Kaner Elizabeth Open Volleyball-Women’s Bronze
Keeve Makaela Open Volleyball-Women’s Bronze
Malloy Meaghan Open Volleyball-Women’s Bronze
Salasky Rachel Open Volleyball-Women’s Bronze
Schneck Jamie Open Volleyball-Women’s Bronze
Skov Natasha Open Volleyball-Women’s Bronze
Brown Andrew Open Volleyball-Women’s Bronze
Alter Sawyer Open Water Polo-Women’s Silver
Berman Josie Open Water Polo-Women’s Silver
Jaffe Rachel Open Water Polo-Women’s Silver
Reynolds Rebekah Open Water Polo-Women’s Silver
Rosenberg Samantha Open Water Polo-Women’s Silver
Sellung Ashlee Open Water Polo-Women’s Silver
Solomon Sarah Open Water Polo-Women’s Silver
Treiman Lauren Open Water Polo-Women’s Silver
Yaghutiel Jasmine Open Water Polo-Women’s Silver
Berry Peter Paralympic Basketball Bronze
Darlow Matthew Paralympic Basketball Bronze
Goldberg Seth Paralympic Basketball Bronze
Greenbaum Andrew Paralympic Basketball Bronze
Rojhani Seth Paralympic Basketball Bronze
Schiller Michael Paralympic Basketball Bronze
Schiller Dawn Paralympic Basketball Bronze
Klein Jeffrey Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Seitz Brian Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Afenjar Amitai Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Beskind Sam Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Blaufeld Jackson Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Knapp Bryan Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Leibowitz Max Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Levine Griffin Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Lubarsky Benjamin Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Milobsky Caleb Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Ravetz Gabriel Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Ring Casey Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Rosow Abraham Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Schlakman Daniel Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Fisher Howard Youth Basketball-Men’s Gold
Shapiro Aaron Juniors Beach Volleyball Bronze
Waltzman Maxwell Juniors Beach Volleyball Bronze
Lemmon Samantha Open Beach Volleyball Bronze
Tendrich Macie Open Beach Volleyball Bronze
Fishman Chloe Womens Quad Coxless Sculling (Samantha Kolovson, Brooke Wolford, Ilana Zieff) Gold
Fishman Chloe Womens Straight Fours Sweeping (Samantha Kolovson, Brooke Wolford, Ilana Zieff) Gold
Fishman Chloe Womens Straight Pair Sweeping (Ilana Zieff) Bronze
Kolovson Samantha Womens Straight Fours Sweeping (Chloe Fishman, Brooke Wolford, Ilana Zieff) Gold
Kolovson Samantha Womens Quad Coxless Sculling (Chloe Fishman, Brooke Wolford, Ilana Zieff) Gold
Kolovson Samantha Womens Doubles Coxless Sculling (Brooke Wolford) Bronze
Kolovson Samantha Womens Straight Pair Sweeping (Brooke Wolford) Gold
Wolford Brooke Womens Quad Coxless Sculling (Samantha Kolovson, Chloe Fishman, Ilana Zieff) Gold
Wolford Brooke Womens Straight Fours Sweeping (Chloe Fishman, Samantha Kolovson, Ilana Zieff) Gold
Wolford Brooke Womens Doubles Coxless Sculling (Samantha Kolovson) Bronze
Wolford Brooke Womens Straight Pair Sweeping (Samantha Kolovson) Gold
Zieff Ilana Womens Quad Coxless Sculling (Samantha Kolovson, Brooke Wolford, Chloe Fishman) Gold
Zieff Ilana Womens Straight Fours Sweeping (Chloe Fishman, Samantha Kolovson, Brooke Wolford) Gold
Zieff Ilana Womens Straight Pair Sweeping (Chloe Fishman) Bronze
Chaskin Noah Mens Quad Coxless Sculling (Ethan Genyk, Joshua Kuppersmith, David Wexner) Silver
Chaskin Noah Mens Straight Fours Sweeping (Ethan Genyk, Joshua Kuppersmith, David Wexner) Silver
Chaskin Noah Mens Doubles Sculling (Ethan Genyk) Silver
Chaskin Noah Mens Straight Pairs Sweeping (Ethan Genyk) Bronze
Genyk Ethan Mens Quad Coxless Sculling (Noah Chaskin, Joshua Kuppersmith, David Wexner) Silver
Genyk Ethan Mens Straight Fours Sweeping (Noah Chaskin, Joshua Kuppersmith, David Wexner) Silver
Genyk Ethan Mens Doubles Sculling (Noah Chaskin) Silver
Genyk Ethan Mens Straight Pairs Sweeping (Noah Chaskin) Bronze
Kuppersmith Joshua Mens Quad Coxless Sculling (Ethan Genyk, Noah Chaskin, David Wexner) Silver
Kuppersmith Joshua Mens Straight Fours Sweeping (Noah Chaskin, Ethan Genyk, David Wexner) Silver
Kuppersmith Joshua Mens Doubles Sculling (David Wexner) Bronze
Kuppersmith Joshua Mens Straight Pairs Sweeping (David Wexner) Gold
Wexner David Mens Quad Coxless Sculling (Ethan Genyk, Joshua Kuppersmith, Noah Chaskin) Silver
Wexner David Mens Straight Fours Sweeping (Noah Chaskin, Ethan Genyk, Joshua Kuppersmith) Silver
Wexner David Mens Doubles Sculling (Joshua Kuppersmith) Bronze
Wexner David Mens Straight Pairs Sweeping (Joshua Kuppersmith) Gold
Cohen-Serrins Lissadell Culinary Silver
Sercarz Lior Lev Culinary Silver
Sichel Yehuda Culinary Silver
Solomonov Michael Culinary Silver