Sharing the Experience Together – Josh and Shayna Kahane, Pan American Maccabi Games

When the time came to apply for the 14th Pan American Maccabi Games, Josh Kahane was counting down the minutes until the application went live. He was excited to join Maccabi USA for a third time, but even more excited to hopefully share this experience with his daughter and avid soccer player, Shayna. As luck would have it, both were accepted as members of Team Maccabi USA.  

With the rush of excitement also came the rush of nerves. Josh as the veteran participant was serving for the first time in a coaching position, leaving both him and his teammates with an air of skepticism for how the dynamic would work. Shayna, the rookie participant, was unsure how her team would gel having traveled from all over the country for the international competition.  

Having experienced these fears before, Josh assured his daughter that things would fall into place. His words were proven true, as the Juniors’ Girls Soccer Team excelled both on and off the field. Watching his daughter perform as a valuable asset to her team was one of Josh’s most rewarding moments from the Games.  

On the reciprocal, Shayna thoroughly enjoyed watching her father coach his team to victory. He took experiences from previous Maccabi competitions and capitalized on the strengths of the individual players on his team. After the first practice, both Josh and his team felt confident in his ability to lead. While both Shayna and Josh enjoyed coming out on top, they agreed that their participation wouldn’t have been the same had they not shared it together. Through the laughs and the cheers they created memories that will last long beyond the 2019 summer.