Please welcome our new Maccabi Young Leadership branch in Los Angeles!

Following Maccabi USA’s mission, the Los Angeles branch of Maccabi Young Leadership will promote sport, Zionism and Jewish tradition among Jewish youth through a variety of social, educational and outreach programs.

The LA branch hopes to ground the ideals of Maccabi USA in Los Angeles by investing in local athletes and promoting a robust alumni support system.

A diverse group of elite professionals and athletes in Los Angeles have teamed up with Maccabi USA to make this expansion possible, under the leadership of Founder Amanda Maddahi, Alumni and Recruiting Co-Chairs Doug Baker and Samar Weiner, Social Chair Nathalie Dina, and Events and Sponsorships Chair Sheba Khodadad.

With their footprint in LA,  Maccabi USA hopes to cultivate the next generation of Maccabi leaders in the USA and around the world. Please help support our new initiative!



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Maccabi la 2

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