Maccabi USA Supporters Mission to Mexico City – FAQ

  1. Where are the Games being held?
    • Most competitions will take place in Mexico City, Mexico. Some sport exceptions apply.
  2. What are the dates of the Games?
    • July 5-15, 2019
  3. When will Team USA be departing?
    • The Juniors, Youth and Open Team members will depart on July 5. Some teams will have a training camp prior to July 5.
    • Supporters Mission participants should be in Mexico no later than the evening of July 5 and will have the opportunity to take their own international flight or take a Maccabi USA flight option with Gil Travel.
  4. How long is the flight to Mexico?
    • Approximately 6 hours from the Northeast United States and 4 hours from Texas, Florida, and California
  5. What is the time difference for the Games?
    • Mexico City is 1 hour behind New York and 2 hours ahead of Los Angeles
  6. How many countries are competing in the 14th Pan American Games?
    • 30+ countries will compete, with over 2,500 participants
  7. How many athletes will represent Team USA?
    • Over 400 athletes will travel to Mexico to represent the United States
  8. When will the competition begin and end?
  • Competition will begin as early as Sunday, July 7 and will conclude by Sunday, July 14. Sport specific schedules will not be finalized until closer to the departure dates for Mexico City. All schedules are subject to change.
  1. Where and when is Opening Ceremony?
    • Sunday, July 7 at Arena Ciudad de México in Mexico City
  2. When is Closing Ceremony?
    • July 14 in Mexico City. The Closing Ceremony is only for team members.
  3. Where are the Junior, Youth, Open, and Masters Athletes staying in Mexico City?
    • All Juniors, Youth, and Open athletes will be housed at the Camino Real Polanco. The Masters athletes will be housed at the Four Seasons.
  4. Where are the Supporters Mission participants staying in Mexico City?
    • Mission participants can choose from the following arrangements:
      1. Join the Maccabi USA Supporters Mission at the JW Marriott (Andres Bello 29, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico)
      2. Companions of Masters athletes may stay at the Four Seasons, the host delegation hotel (Av. Paseo de la Reforma 500, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico)
  • Make their own housing arrangements
  1. If my Junior or Open child is chosen for the team, can they go visit friends and family in Mexico City during the program?
    • Please keep in mind team members are participating in an international athletic event and the coach will be monitoring their training and down time. The athletes have a very structured schedule from the time they depart the USA to the time they return. If family and friends want to come visit the athletes at the hotel (when there is free or down time) in Mexico City or see them after the individual games at the sporting venue, that is acceptable. There are no overnight stays for any athlete outside their assigned accommodations as a Team USA participant.
    • There will be times during the competition when the athletes will have free or down time determined by the coach and individual team manager. The 14th Pan American Maccabi Games Organizing Committee will set-up a sign-in and sign-out policy for all Junior, Youth, and Open athletes that want to visit with their family members while in Mexico City during any free or down time. Junior and Youth athletes may only be signed out by their parent or legal guardian. A Coach or the USA Team Manager has the right to decline any requests from any family members or friends that want to take their athlete out for any period.
  2. Do the Mission Packages include special programming for the participants?
  3. What are the costs for the “Missions Package”?
    • Costs for the Mission packages depend on which package you choose. Please look at the Fact Sheet for each package at
  4. What is the dress code for most events?
  • The weather in Mexico City and most of the country is very hot in July, so please plan accordingly. However, evenings tend to be cool so we suggest a light jacket, sweater, shawl or wrap. The dress code overall is casual but you might want to consider some dressier items for our evening events like the Gala Dinner and ballet performance.
  1. Do I need a passport and visa to travel to Mexico City?
    • You DO NOT need a visa to travel to Mexico City, but you will need a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months after returning home – January 15, 2020 or later.
    • If you need a passport, you should apply for one ASAP. Do not risk waiting – we cannot control how long it takes to issue a passport.
  2. Do I need travel insurance?
    • We suggest that you purchase travel insurance. This can be purchased through Gil Travel, your credit card company, or a third-party provider.
  3. Is it safe to travel to Mexico City?
    • Yes, Maccabi USA has been working with the Games Organizers and our Security Team to ensure all venues and itineraries are appropriate for our teams. Maccabi USA will be supported by the Maccabi USA Security Team, in addition to the private security hired by the Games Organizers. The local authorities and intragovernmental organizations have been notified the events. Supporters should expect to clear security before entering a Games venue.
  4. Do teams compete on Shabbat? What are your accommodations for those who are Sabbath observant?
    • No, our teams will not compete on Shabbat. Some light tours or activities may be offered, but they are not mandatory for observant team members.
    • All meals at the Centro Deportivo Israelita (CDI) will be kosher. Breakfast at the Games hotels is kosher-style.
    • Please contact Maccabi USA to learn more about specific Games accommodations.
  5. Who should I contact about specific dietary needs?
  1. What does Maccabi USA suggest regarding adapting to a change in altitude and acquiring safe drinking water in Mexico?
    • Statements on altitude and water have been prepared for the USA Team Members. Members of the Mission are welcome to follow these guidelines and should consult their healthcare provider with questions regarding these statements. Please visit the Maccabi USA website (Athlete FAQ Travel Section) for Altitude and Water Statements.
  2. What is the website where we can find the most up-to-date 14th Pan American Games information?
  3. Who is the General Chair of Team USA’s delegation to the 14th Pan American Maccabi Games?
    • The General Chair of Team USA’s delegation is Tonja Magerman.
  4. Who is the Chair of the Supporters Mission?
    • The Chair of the Supporters Mission is Deb Lichtenfeld.
  1. Which Maccabi USA staff will be traveling with the Supporters Mission?
    • Two Maccabi USA staff members will be traveling with the Supporters Mission:
      1. Shayna Weiss, Director of Development
        2. 215-561-6900 x4150
      2. Julie Churylo, Office Manager
        2. 215-561-6900 x4151
      3. What is the Maccabi USA office contact information?