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Donald Kent

Debbie Adams

Arnie Fielkow

Tonja Magerman

Lou Moyerman

Donna Orender

Ben Fox

Marc Rosenberg

Larry Levin

Ron Carner

Bob Spivak

Toni Wortman

Marc Backal

Philippe Bennett

Stephen Berliner

Lisa Chajet

Leland Faust

Lisa Fischman

Matt Halpern

Walter Klores

Mark Knue

Caren Lesser

Darren Levine

Deb Lichtenfeld

Joel Magerman

Gary Margolis

Harvey Morgan

Joel Roodyn

Tom Rosenberg

Summer Runestad

Jeff Schulman

Sam Sporn

Geoffrey Thaw

Wally Wortman

Montville, NJ

New York, NY

Asheville, NC

New Orleans, LA

Blue Bell, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Norman, OK

Morristown, NJ

Glencoe, IL

New York, NY

Yorktown, VA

East Northport, NY

Voorhees, NJ

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

Bloomfield, NJ

Montville, NJ

New York, NY

Cincinnati, OH

Miami, FL

New York, NY

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Regional VP

Regional VP

Regional VP

Regional VP

Budget Committee
Chairman: Ben Fox

Alumni Association Committee

The Alumni Association Committee works to develop involvement of alumni throughout the country, generate programs for alumni and gather support for various Maccabi USA projects and activities.

Associate Chairman: Marc Rosenberg
The Budget Committee develops and monitors the four-year budget for the Organization, and interacts with all committees that have a budget associated with them.

ByLaws Committee
This Committee reviews the ByLaws on an annual basis, and makes recommendations for any potential changes. The members also oversee the voting process for new Board members and Officers at the Annual Meeting to ensure that the ByLaws are properly adhered to. They also assist in the interpretation of anything that falls within the purview of the ByLaws.

Collaborations Committee
The Collaborations Committee assists in building the relationship with other organizations in order to enhance our mission and expand our activities. This includes Jewish Community Centers Association, and other Jewish organizations.

Endowment Committee**
Chairman: Harvey Morgan
The Endowment Committee, a separate corporation from Maccabi USA, oversees the endowments as a private, separate organization. The Committee develops an investment philosophy and distributes the income to Maccabi USA on a yearly basis. Because specific skills, requirements and background are needed, this Committee is by appointment only.

European Maccabi Games Committee**
The European Maccabi Games (EMG) were last held in Berlin, Germany, Summer 2015. The next European Maccabi Games will be held in Budapest, Hungary in 2019. The EMG Committee will be putting the logistics together for Team USA.

Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising Committee develops and implements a comprehensive fundraising plan for the Organization, including endowments, identifying major donors, donor opportunities, levels of giving, sponsorships, special events, Raffle program, direct mail, contributions, foundations/grants, corporate sponsorships, etc.

Golf Committee
This Committee develops fundraising golf tournaments throughout the country. In addition, it oversees the standards and practices of each of the tournaments to assure success and consistency.

Leadership/Volunteer Development Committee
This Committee designs programs for training our leadership, helps to develop workshop sessions for the Annual Conference and other retreats as needed, and works with members of the Board to determine the areas of their interest and encourage their involvement. In addition, the Committee seeks out new volunteers for Board membership, communicates with Committee Chairs to create opportunities for new people to serve, recognizes and rewards our volunteers, and helps to facilitate opportunities for socialization.

Medical Committee
The Medical Committee will develop policies and procedures related to meeting the health and medical needs of our athletes for our competitions. They will also help secure doctors, nurses, trainers while also securing supplies needed.

Personnel/Staffing Committee**
The Personnel and Staffing Committee works with the Executive Committee in all areas related to the staffing of the Organization. The members periodically review the Staff Manual. By appointment only.

Programs Committee** 
The Programs Committee receives formal invitations for international Maccabi sports events and programs for review and recommendation, including the European Maccabi Games, the Australia Maccabi Carnival, the Maccabi Transatlantic Cup, Friendship Cup and other Maccabi athletic exchanges for Open, Juniors and Masters athletes. By appointment only.

Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee helps to develop all plans for publicity, communication, emergency plan communications, the website and all printed material. The PR Committee works with the website, newsletter, brochures, marketing, media, etc.

Strategic Plan Committee
The Strategic Plan Committee will meet as needed to monitor the progress and implementation of the recommendations of Strategic Plan developed in 2001, and continue to formulate a strategy for the future.

Technology Committee
The Technology Committee will evaluate and recommend changes related to computer usage, the website, the database and online registration for the Organization.

U.S. Maccabiah Committee**
This Committee organizes the USA Team, the entire U.S. delegation, and oversees all aspects of MUSA’s participation in the Maccabiah Games, which will be held next in Israel 2021. Because specific skills and experience are needed, this Committee is by appointment only.

U.S. Pan American Maccabi Games Committee**
The Pan American Maccabi Games Committee organizes all aspects of the USA’s participation in the Pan American Maccabi Games.  The last Games were in Santiago, Chile, December 2015. The next Pan American Maccabi Games will be in Mexico City, Mexico in 2019. By appointment only.

(** by appointment only)


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