Book Club
Monday, June 8

Palestine Posts: An Eyewitness Account of the Birth of Israel, by Daniel S. Chertoff. 

This event will be hosted by Don Kent, MUSA Alum and First Vice President. Join us for Daniel’s presentation with a discussion to follow! 

Mordecai Chertoff came to Palestine in 1947 as a twenty-five-year-old, determined to make his contribution to the emerging Jewish state. In vivid and often moving letters to his family, Mordecai details everyday life in Jerusalem, meetings with famous and soon-to-be-famous people including historical information never disclosed before. Chertoff’s powerful first-person account allows us to re-experience a momentous turning point in Jewish history, while we accompany his son, Daniel, on his journey to penetrate into the heart and mind of his father. 

About the Author
Daniel Chertoff was a senior analyst at Sanford Bernstein and was a senior executive in a large Israeli high tech company. He was an advisor to the World Jewish Congress and, before discovering his father’s letters, was happily writing his doctoral dissertation in English literature at the Hebrew University. Daniel is an Associate Editor of the academic journal, Partial Answers. He and his wife, Arlene, have lived in Israel for over 30 years.

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Book Club
Monday, May 18

Recipes from Auschwitz: The Survival Stories of Two Hungarian Jews with Historical Insight, Hosted by Author and Maccabi USA alum, Dr. Alex Sternberg.

By July of 1944, nearly 600,000 Hungarian Jews had been ripped from their homes and deported to Auschwitz, victims of a fate that claimed the lives of millions by the end of the Second World War.

Alex Sternberg Bio

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Movie Night
Thursday, April 23

Deli Man – The Jewish deli was, for so many years, the very heart of the Jewish community in America. Writer/Director Erik Anjou and featured deli owner Ziggy Gruber of and Kenny & Ziggy’s Deli, Houston, TX, shared stories about food, community, Judaism, and filmmaking in a special Director’s Panel discussion.
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