The Maccabiah
Sometimes referred to as the “Jewish Olympics”, these Games are held every four years in Israel attracting the most outstanding Jewish athletes from around the world. As one of the largest, elite, competitions, the Maccabiah grew to over 9,000 athletes from over 75 countries making it the third largest sports event in the world.  In keeping with its Mission to perpetuate and preserve the American Jewish community by encouraging Jewish Pride, strengthening Jewish bonds, and by creating a heightened awareness of Israel and Jewish Identity, Maccabi USA established a cultural and education Program called ISRAEL CONNECT in Israel in 1989, including a B’nai Mitzvah ceremony and touring of Israel.

Pan American Maccabi Games 
Sponsored by the Latin American Maccabi Confederation (CLAM), the Pan American Maccabi Games are held every four years in a country in the Americas. Participants include athletes representing North, Central and South America, Israel and other countries throughout the Diaspora. The recent 14th Pan American Maccabi Games were held in Mexico City, Mexico in July 2019, with a USA delegation of about 400. The 15th Pan American Maccabi Games are slated for 2023.

European Maccabi Games 
The 15th European Maccabi Games were held in 2019 in Budapest, Hungary with a USA delegation of 200. It was the largest gathering of Jews in that city since the Holocaust. The 2015 European Maccabi Games were held July 27 – August 5 in Berlin, Germany, with a USA delegation of 200. The next European Maccabi Games will be held in 2023

International Maccabi Youth Games 
Maccabi USA participated with a delegation of 200 in the inaugural International Maccabi Youth Games. In the spirit of Maccabiah, we sent a delegation of talented Jewish athletes born in 2002, 2003 and 2004. This ten-day event combind tournament style competition paired with touring and experiential education. Athletes competed and experienced Israel alongside their Jewish teen counterparts from around the world including Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, South Africa and more. Sports offered for both male and female athletes included: Baseball (M), Basketball, Soccer, Softball (F only), Rugby 7’s (M), and Volleyball.