The primary focus of the Maccabi USA Alumni Association (MUSA AA) is to reconnect Maccabi participants with their transformative Maccabi experiences to increase participation in all aspects of Maccabi USA activities to further the organizational vision of “Building Jewish Pride through Sport”. The MUSA AA will promote the ongoing engagement of alumni in order to create a vibrant Maccabi Alumni Community, develop future leaders for the organization and the Jewish community at large, and support the financial health of Maccabi USA.

The MUSA AA operates entirely within the structure of Maccabi USA. The Association functions under the leadership of the Alumni Relations Director (ARD) supervised by the Executive Director of Maccabi USA. All programming and fundraising efforts, including those designed to grow the Alumni Association, should be conducted in congruence with the values, vision, and activities of Maccabi USA.

The MUSA AA seeks to build on the deep connection forged during our participation in the Games by creating regional activities, various affinity groups (geographically and by sport), and special events so our alumni programming continues to grow. Official Alumni activities include local get-togethers such as Shabbat dinners and happy hours, send-off and welcome-home parties, participation in parades (such as the Celebrate Israel Parade in New York City), group attendance at professional sporting events, special travel packages, and competing in local or national tournaments as an alumni team.

A signature activity of the Maccabi USA Alumni Association is the new Maccabi USA Chonech Program, or Maccabi Mentors. Managed by the Alumni Relations Director, this program matches members of the Maccabi USA delegation with established alumni in their professional area of interest. As the next generation of potential leaders arises, Maccabi USA alumni have the opportunity to provide guidance and support to our rising stars – bright, successful young Jewish men and women who have excelled in the classrooms and on the fields and courts have much to learn and so much to offer. This is an opportunity to give back and to get back, to learn and grow, and to make a lasting impact on the future.

In the true volunteer spirit of Maccabi USA we are looking for alumni who are interested in taking the lead on any activities or developing programs in their region or for their sport. Call the office; we will make it work!

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