Angela Buxton

In Their Own Words


Maccabi Great Britain
1953 and 1957 World Maccabiah Games, two gold medals
Wimbledon Singles Finalist – 1956
Wimbledon Doubles Grand Slam – 1956
French Open Doubles Grand Slam – 1956

Angela first started playing Tennis in South Africa, where she, her brother and mother were living to escape the bombing in England during World War II. Upon her return it was apparent that the children her age were not of the same competitive caliber, as they had not had the same opportunity to play Tennis during the war. Angela and her mother moved to California for six months so she could attend a tennis school and work on her game. Upon her return, she continued to train, but was unable to become a member of the exclusive tennis clubs due to anti-Semitism.

Angela’s international competitive tennis career got its start at the 1953 Maccabiah Games in Israel. She beat the #8 world-ranked competitor from the USA and her professional career took off. She went on to dominate the doubles scene with partner Althea Gibson at the 1956 Wimbledon and French Open Grand Slam events. Her experience in Israel did not just ignite her dream of playing professional international tennis, but it also awakened her sense of Jewish awareness. Israel had had such a profound effect on her that after the 1967 Six-Day War, she volunteered her services for five months to work on an Israeli kibbutz in Galilee and brought her three children ages 1 to 6, with her.

Angela founded the Angela Buxton Center in England, which specialized in the advanced development of Tennis in the 1970’s and 80’s, and was one of the original six founders of the Israel Tennis Centers. She continues to stay active in the Tennis world, has written three books and writes regularly for a number of publications including The Times, The New York Times, The Daily Mail, Florida Tennis, Australian Tennis and many more. Angela is a resident of Cheshire, England and Pompano Beach, FL.