Robert E. Spivak

In Their Own Words

Spivak-BobMaccabi USA Leadership
Board of Directors
President: 1981 – 2001
Chairman: 2001 – Present
International Jewish Sport Hall of Fame

Bob is affectionately referred to as “Mr. Maccabi.”  He was first exposed to Maccabi USA in the late 1970s while visiting Israel for his first Maccabiah Games.  Bob was enamored with the prospect of using sports to bring kids together and thought that working with other like-minded volunteers they could create a cultural and educational component for the Maccabiah Games that would greatly enhance their experience.  What is now referred to as ISRAEL CONNECT, originally called Pre-Camp, the program has become the catalyst for Building Jewish Pride Through Sports.

Bob had a unique ability to get his friends involved with the other volunteers at Maccabi USA, and together, under his leadership, they built the foundation for what the organization has become.  He has said many times that one of the best things about his relationships with the volunteers at Maccabi USA is they have become his “family of choice.”

Bob is an Insurance and Securities executive and has served in leadership positions in many local, national and international organizations, including the International Maccabiah Committee.  He and his wife Taylor Hogge live in Philadelphia, PA and Yorktown, VA.  Bob has three children and five grandchildren to whom he is devoted.