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Maccabi Young Leadership (MYL) promotes Zionism,  Jewish values, and sports through social, educational, and philanthropic programming. Our objective is to connect Jewish people around the globe.

Since MYL was first established, we have attracted a network of diverse individuals, all of whom share a passion for Israel and Judaism. Our team is a unique mix of young professionals from very different backgrounds. Together we organize social and cultural gatherings aimed at supporting charity initiative of our umbrella organization, Maccabi World Union (MWU).

The Maccabiah Games (also known as the Jewish Olympics), are the highlight of MWU’s activities. The Games take place in Israel once every for years, and they bring together thousands of young Jewish athletes from every corner of the world. The 19th Maccabiah, which took place in 2013, was the largest ever, with over 9000 athletes representing 78 countries. This made the Maccabiah the third largest sporting event in the world. after the 2012 London Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

For the 19th Maccabiah, MYL raised $57,000 to support athletes from small and isolated Jewish communities (or Lost Communities). Among them are Albania, Armenia, Cuba, Guinea-Bissau, Mongolia, Nicaragua & Suriname. Thanks to our efforts, many young Jews were able to attend the Maccabiah in 2013. Most of them had never been to Israel before, and many of them decided to make aliyah after the Games.

Today our immediate goal is to adopt a specific Lost Community and raise funds in order to brings its athletes to Israel for the 20th Maccabiah, Summer 2017.

The ultimate goal of MYL is to connect young Jews from all over the world, not only in your city, but on a national and international level. With our connections to the Future Leaders Forum (FLF), which is a part of the European Maccabi Confederation, and Maccabi Tzair Clam, which is a part of the Maccabi Confederation of Latin America, MYL takes part in international conferences in places like Tel Aviv, Rome, London and Madrid.

Moreover, MYL is working closely with Maccabi USA and Maccabi World Union on the expansion of our model to other cities in the US and Canada. Our goal is to
establish more MYL chapters across North American, thus further extending our network.


Maccabi Young Leadership promotes sports, Zionism, and Jewish values for young Jews through social, educational and philanthropic programming. The ultimate objective of MYL is to foster leaders and ambassadors representing Israel and the Jewish people while creating a strong, long-lasting bond among young Jews around the globe.


  • Develop leadership skills of MYL members.
  • Professional and social networking among young Jews in the US and around the world.
  • Provide Maccabi alumni with a space to remain connected to each other and to Maccabi.
  • Fundraising for Maccabi “Lost Communities” and other Maccabi educational programs.


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David Braha- Co-Chair, MYL – North America: His involvement with the Maccabi Movement began in early 2011, serving on the Board of MYL – Tel Aviv. In January 2012, he was appointed the Chair of the Israeli MYL committee, a position he held until he moved to New York in Summer 2013.  From January 2014 to July 2015, he served as Co-Chair of MYL – New York.  David holds  Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and recently obtained a Masters of International Affairs in International Security Policy from Columbia University.

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Stefanie Gordon- Co-Chair, MYL – North America: Involved with the MYL since 2012, Stefanie was most recently the Co-Chair of MYL – New York.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in English and Jewish Studies at the University of Delaware and studied abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  She also earned her Masters in Jewish Education from New York University.  When not supporting the Maccabi Movement and all things Israel, Stefanie is the owner of Stef Gordon Fit, a boutique Pilates studio and personal training business in Manhattan.

Stefanie Gordon ~ NYC 2015

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