Birthright Trip with Maccabi USA

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Sign up today for a free 10-day trip to Israel with Maccabi USA alumni and friends on a HI-GEAR™ Birthright trip!

With our partners Yael Adventure, we are offering the gift of a completely free 10 day trip to Israel. Join us on our journey through Israel and visit some of its extraordinary destinations. From nature reserves to waterfalls, from camel rides through the Negev desert to the rhythm of Tel Aviv’s nightlife, we want you to see all the Israel has to offer!

The HI-GEAR™ Birthright trip has been designed specifically for Maccabi USA, one that is geared towards daring and adventurous participants who want to explore the land of Israel deeply and intensely. The HI-GEAR™ Birthright trip is being considered as the most dynamic voyage to occur on a Birthright trip.

Hike, bike, climb, rappel, raft, camp & swim – you’ll move through Israel in every possible way, exploring the land and your personal connection with Israeli nature, culture and people, and with the Jewish homeland and community.

In the words of a Maccabi USA alumni:

“HiGear was the greatest way to see Israel, there’s no better way to bond with other young Jewish adults from the US, Canada and Israel than on outdoor challenges, whether from falling down on the water hikes, wobbly camel riding, mountain rappelling or long parching desert hikes, we had a blast. And that’s not even including all the city exploring we did! I definitely made lifelong friendships, and learned not only more about my Jewish identity and culture, but about how I personally connect with the beautiful country of Israel.”

To sign up today, contact Yogi at or 215.561.6900 ext. 4153